My Watercolors

I love creating original, custom paintings, to capture special places, people, and events, available at
I am writing about the process as well.  Check out the "Watercolor Journals" label at the right.

Personalized Monograms 

These paintings are tailored to represent someone special, a memorable event, or any significant theme. The client and I enjoy brainstorming ideas for the background.  As an example, this particular painting was a wedding gift for a bride who chose Cherry Blossoms for part of her decorations.  A new last name, and a nice memory.


Architectural Portraits

Homeowners can have their very own original watercolor of their home, or because they are so personal, they make wonderful gifts as well.  A Place of Business portrait, is a great retirement, or promotion gift as well. 

 Watercolorful Names

I love to create these special scenes for the children. I incorporate their name, objects beginning with each letter of the name, and a little boy or girl.  There's no end to the ideas and fun we can come up with as we celebrate kids.

If you'd like to view more of my designs, and my artist profile, they are available at